Saturday, 26 November 2016

Honda CB750 Custom Cafe Racer

OTOMOTIF.ORG - Nothing really different but great reminders why we all like the CB750 so much. And the sound! Pure pleasure. That noise is sublime. I think the key to the CB750's appeal is the aesthetics of the engine and a good looking frame too. Honda vintage at its best. The good old days.

Classic CB lines. Side bitch - all that work and they did not cut down the now redundant passenger part of the peg holders, a bit strange not to remove these bits. I actually didn't notice this at first but once it was brought up, I actually kind of like it.

It doesn't look out of place but in fact reminds me of Hermes and his winged sandals. Overall very wonderfully done bikes. At this point I feel that the brat / "cafe" (please note the quotation marks) hybrid CBs, sporting the much maligned firestones and wrap have more than come onto their own as a new wave custom icon.

"Functional" woes aside, they just look damn good. And if for a moment you think it is easy to achieve a good looking build of this type all you need to do is go onto instagram and look at the masses of horrid CB attempts by people wielding an angle grinder and no concept of proportion or style.


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