Saturday, 26 November 2016

Kawasaki KZ200 Custom Chopper

OTOMOTIF.ORG - Initially, I started to like custom motorcycles in 2013, at the time I choose Kawasaki KZ200 or in Indonesia is better known as Binter Merzy. This is a motorcycle manufactured in 1981. It became the first motorcycle that caught my attention, because I think this bike has a pretty unique sound, solid compression, and the price is cheap enough for student like me.

Before deciding to change this bike into its current form, I’ve turned it into a scrambler and traditional “chopper” look. But, in the end. I was inspired by Maxwell Hazan from Hazan Motorworks and El Solitario. They always make a very unique design of a motorcycle with the concept that I can say “out of the box”.

So, I decided to change my KZ200 for the last time with the concept that I call “Bow Down”, inspired by the combination of the Café Racer, Chopper, and Boardtrack which has extreme riding position. Some people going to say this is a Steampunk Machine.

I choose this concept of “steampunk”. Where I combine the natural rust color and detailing made from brass, so their impression of the bike going to make everyone more curious. The whole of the frame has been modified, with the added length of about 15cm of the length of the original frame.

The front suspension is converted into a springer system to make it more “old school”, I really want to make it getting real. I transform this machine into twin ports exhaust inhale/exhale system, because at that time I wanted the big machines but in Indonesia the price of the machine is somewhat less suited to the pockets of student like me.

Therefore, I decided to make this into a twin port and replace the piston using piston car from Honda Life to keep the compression remains solid and more powerful, as well as to provide a balance for the machine that has been made into the twin ports.

In the future, I want to add raw metal impression on this bike by adding detailing using pieces of brass and copper in some parts of this bike, so it doesn’t look too plain. Because this bike is absolutely no intention to be entered into the stage of painting.

Parts of the gas tank, I made it into two parts with a 3D impression. When viewed from the side it looks like a regular gasoline tank, but when viewed from the rear or from the front then it will be seen that the tank actually has two parts.

For the braking system, I chose the drum from the AJS to be used on the front wheels while the rear drum using a drum of Yamaha DT. Because, in my opinion even though the majority of this drum is used for enduro bike but I think it is suitable to support the concept of “tricking” I wanted to show where the left and right drum parts is different in sizes.

To create a comfortable riding position, a seat made similar to cowl seat is align to the frame that has been lengthened. In the future, I will also create a layer of leather seats with no foam at all, because I do not want to see the seat distracted by a pile of foam.

In a test ride, this bike is quite comfortable to drive even though far from comfortable for everyday use. With a little down riding position just like the riding style of a café racer, this bike is more comfortable to be driven on a straight road. Also for maneuver, it is a bit heavy to swing in a low corner.

This bike was built by R I M G Customs which is mine, assisted by Unyil and Ellsa Berland, main team in our garage. Some parts process is done by my friend Pay Garage, they are specialists in metalworking in Kuningan, West Java.

Written by: Muhammad Nandira Yudhi Prayoga


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