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Kawasaki Ninja H2R Supercharged

OTOMOTIF.ORG - In this article, I will discuss the 2017 NINJA H2R (Motorcycle by Kawasaki). Kawasaki Heavy Industries Gas Turbine & Machinery Company, Aerospace Company, and the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group's "Technology Development Headquarters" totally developed the "ultimate road sports" Ninja H2 series.

At the Kawasaki booth of the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, a simple model of a supercharged engine is exhibited. It was recognized as one of the exhibits to show the concept, it did not become such a hot topic. In fact, it was installed in a machine that can run and steadily being developed.

And on November 4, 2014, Kawasaki officially announced a commercially available machine with a supercharged engine as the "Ninja H2" series. By the way, there is a public road specification machine, it is "Ninja H2", another circuit specification is "Ninja H2R" lineup. 

The in-line four-cylinder, 998 cc engine mounted is a dedicated engine developed on the premise that a supercharger is to be installed, and the characteristics are different in various parts from the general normal aspiration engine in general.

The supercharger laid out on the back of the cylinder adopts a centrifugal type which is advantageous for high rotation. Adopting planetary gears to drive the impeller minimizes output loss and makes the mechanism compact, it is accelerated to 1.15 times with ordinary step-up gear, and then it is multiplied by 8 times with the planet gear.

It is said that when the engine reaches 14,000 rpm, it is actually increased to 130,000 rpm. The impeller has a diameter of 69 mm, 12 blades, a pumping capacity of 200 liters per second, an intake speed of 100 m per second, and the pressure at that time is 2.4 times the atmospheric pressure.

In July 2015, although only the "H2R" of the circuit specification was announced, the first domestic release of the H2 series was announced. It became the release with the price setting of manufacturer's suggested retail price 5.4 million yen.

The 2016 model was announced in November 2015, but for domestic use only H2R of the circuit specification still remains, the period from November 1, 2015 to February 15, 2016 is regarded as the order acceptance period, after about 2 orders It was scheduled to be delivered in ~ 3 months. It is also done on the price of 300,000 yen at the main body price.

For the launch of this 2017 model as well, for the domestic market only the circuit specifications, set the ordering period from November 15, 2016 to January 15, 2017, delivered in 2 to 3 months after receipt of orders as same as the previous year It is a system of.

Image source:  Kawasaki Motorcycles


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