Sunday, 20 November 2016

Triumph T120 Custom Scrambler

This is one of those bikes that makes me think and smile and sometimes that's enough. Loud, dark, sinister and mean looking! The only lap times this bad boy would see is outgunning the law. I've got a strange feeling with most OEM motorcycles (exclude the typhoon, that's pure porn).

From side view, they seem a bit unbalanced to my eye. Anyways, with the rider on it all makes sense visually to me. Pretty bike, much nicer than your average bonnie and nice detailing involved.

Now that's a Triumph. Beautiful bike. Love the style of this bike. Only thing that throws me off is the mobile phone gauges. Definitely not the cherry on top for me. I would think an old school analog speedo would be "suit" the build, pardon the pun.

I found myself wondering exactly what kind of motorcycle this is supposed to be. Then I realized I shouldn't think about what box to put the bike in, but what sort of person would love to have a bike like this.

Where I routinely ride there are lots of houses at the end of long, winding, steep dirt/mud/gravel drives. I think if I lived in one of those houses I would really like this bike because it would be good on the pavement but I wouldn't kill myself on the inevitable dirt roads.

I think the gauges are ugly and the leather side panels odd, but it is a bike I could live with and learn to love. This is a sensational bike with crazy amounts of work gone into it, especially hiding or modifying all the modern gizmos, but the gauges seem at odds with it all. Still, if it appeared in my garage I wouldn't be too upset!

I have gently fallen off my bikes so many times that I have lost count. Lots of minor damage over the years so I am in favour of any bikes that bounce well. This bike looks like a reasonable candidate for my driveway and even some of my friends driveways that are worse than mine. That is about as big a compliment as I can give a bike.

"There are no lights or blinkers, but the bike is still eligible for a British "daylight MOT" Oh, you lucky Brits! It's quite unbelievable that this is possible. Imagine trying that in the rest of Europe where you can't even side-mount your license plate (which, not mentioning, has to be E-marked-illuminated and have an E-marked-flashy reflector). This is just not fair. The amount of research that must've been done by the boys building this is incredible!


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