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Test Ride All New Honda CBR250RR

Test Ride All New Honda CBR250RR Indonesia 1

OTOMOTIF.ORG - From the time I am watching three Indonesian color variations lining up, there was a clearly different presence from 250 full cowl sports so far. I first admired this before I was able to experience the performance of running, which was to pursue class No.1 at the start acceleration, overtaking acceleration, and maximum speed.

Test Ride All New Honda CBR250RR Indonesia 2

Design and color do not mention so much because there are individual preferences, but it is different from the others that the red fade color was included in matte black, named Matte Gun Powder Black Metallic like Evangelion Sword Silver, and Victory Red which the super sportiness where vehicle price is about IDR 70 Million strengthened strengthening, classless feeling due to individualized and elaborate shaping and detail.

Test Ride All New Honda CBR250RR Indonesia 3

It stands out more than rivals. There were still a lot of 2 strokes, some people who know the '80s have people saying "It was good in the past" and sometimes hear that opinion for a while, but to me, Modern people who can ride such a cool 250 are better.

Test Ride All New Honda CBR250RR Indonesia 5

Striped items with exterior etc removed are also placed, and I am surprised at the compactness of the newly developed water cooled DOHC 4 valve inline 2-cylinder engine loaded on a steel pipe truss frame.

Test Ride All New Honda CBR250RR Indonesia 5

A truss frame was already drawn on the initial idea sketch drawn by LPL person who was released at the time of technical explanation before test drive. In that explanation, I also heard that the 2-cylinder CBR was born as a trigger from the demand for "overwhelming product" from Indonesia, which has a larger market than other country.

Test Ride All New Honda CBR250RR Indonesia 6

It is sold in Indonesia before, but unlike the Indonesian specification wearing a bias tire, the Japanese specification wear a radial tire (DUNLOP GPR - 300), accordingly the front fork raises the spring rate and damping power Increased, rear suspension has also undergone setting change. The engine is also seasoned a bit differently, while the maximum output is almost the same.

Test Ride All New Honda CBR250RR Indonesia 7

It looks like a spartan style that bounced ass totally, but better than the one I imagined straddling. The feet reach from the sensationally higher than the seat height of 790 mm. A slim body with big constriction where people ride and a sheet shape with thinned front are effective.

Test Ride All New Honda CBR250RR Indonesia 8

While clamping the separate handle under the top bridge, the front stop is moderate, the handle grip position is not far, and the burden on the wrist and elbow is not applied. The forward tilting of the body is not too moderate.

Test Ride All New Honda CBR250RR Indonesia 9

During riding, the height is 170 cm rider and the position of the hand is comfortably below the position of Heso. The step position is under the center of the buttocks, not too far behind, it's not too much, it will not be a cramped riding position. It is a tank shape which knee grip is easy to do and the fit feeling with the body is good. It was a surprisingly gentle ride posture when trying on a looks like an outlook.

Test Ride All New Honda CBR250RR Indonesia 10

Front leg around which adopted inverted formula made by SHOWA. High sliding valve with a diameter of 37 mm ensures high rigidity and high tracking ability by reducing unsprung mass. By using the damper only on the left side, we are trying to optimize the left and right weight balance of the steering system and reduce the sliding resistance as well as attaching the front brake to the right side.

Test Ride All New Honda CBR250RR Indonesia 11

In addition to placing the primary drive gear inside the cam chain for compactification, the separate oil pump is also integrated on the right front side of the engine lower case, the clutch release mechanism is arranged on the left side, and the width of the ACG housing Set on the inside, place the water pump on the cylinder head as well as the RC 213V.

Test Ride All New Honda CBR250RR Indonesia 12

You should not judge it looking the same as a person. Personal small frustration is that it is difficult to operate the turn signal switch with your thumb while grasping the grip because the fingers are short. I am glad that the position is a bit higher. It seems familiar if you ride for a long time, but it is hard to say that there is no discomfort from the beginning.

Test Ride All New Honda CBR250RR Indonesia 13

Brake adopts single 240 mm φ at the rear, single disc of φ 310 mm at the front respectively. In addition, we adopted a newly designed wave shape both before and after. The ABS specification is also type-set.

Test Ride All New Honda CBR250RR Indonesia 14

Styling that expresses "strength" with a rigid, lumpy surface configuration, and expresses "speed" by a sharp edge. Without worrying, even when connecting the clutch with extremely low rotation it will start moving smoothly. It is a high rotation type called the red zone from 14,000 rotations, but the torque of low and medium speed is not too much or too little.

Test Ride All New Honda CBR250RR Indonesia 15

Adopt full digital meter which designs the frame surrounding the liquid crystal area as thin as possible and increases the size of the liquid crystal part to improve visibility. Adopted lap timer and gear position indicator.

Test Ride All New Honda CBR250RR Indonesia 16

By narrowing down the leading edge of the sheet from the rear end of the tank, ease of knee grip and good feetability are realized. If you can open it, the torque will spring up, and if you are going to sports riding, if you put it from 10,000 to 13,000 rotations, you can definitely enjoy the power that you can say the strongest in the class.

Test Ride All New Honda CBR250RR Indonesia 17

The body adopts a newly designed steel pipe truss structure. In addition to having both strength and suppleness, it corresponds to a high power power unit. Although the vibration of the engine is well controlled by the balancer, it has a beat feeling as the rotation becomes high, the sound of the exhaust also gains power, the speed that it aimed at No.1 is not so fast It is fast enough.

Test Ride All New Honda CBR250RR Indonesia 18

Dual headlight is LEDized. The taillight which always turns on adopts line light emission by the light guide structure. The stop lamp that lights up during braking expresses sparkle emission with a reflector structure.

Test Ride All New Honda CBR250RR Indonesia 19

There are many noteworthy points of this CBR250RR, but the most important thing is the introduction of electronically controlled throttle. As a result, we set up three stages of riding modes: "Comfort", "Sport" and "Sport +". These three are not subtle differences but clearly different.

Test Ride All New Honda CBR250RR Indonesia 20

When set to "Comfort", even if the throttle is quickly opened wide, the reaction of the engine is gentle and it takes time to wait until the high engine speed range is reached. "Sport +" is the most sporty response linearly to the right hand.

"Sport" is somewhere in between. As I started to test drive and brought it to the winding suddenly, I always thought that 'Sport +' mode is still fun and I thought 'Are you in need of other modes?', But when I run like a breath With "Sport +", the motion of the motorcycle body was too agile by throttle operation.

If you turn off the throttle, you can change the mode while driving, so if you change to "Comfort" with the left index finger, you can smoothly and smoothly cruising without threatening throttle operation. When entering the town where stop and goes as it is, Motomota by departure and acceleration.

So right is "Sport". At first I was skeptical, but this is. Since its characteristics change greatly, it will not make you feel at ease of use. Thanks to being an electronically controlled throttle, not only the riding mode but also the angle of the power coming out can be perceived properly, it is powerful and fast, but there is ease of riding, which also leads to safety. I think that adoption is correct.

The feeling made up of the motorcycle body, suspension, tire, brake is wonderful, even if you apply strong brakes strongly, you can control it as you want without hitting it. The entrance to the corner is a light body work and the degrees of freedom and stability after leaning are high. I felt that the front fork is top class in this class in particular.

Together with the rear suspension nose dive is small, damping works and follows the road surface. It is being told that the tire is always in contact with the ground, and whirling after sinking is pleasant anyway.

It is light but I also like not being too light. There is no tricky movement at all. This will allow a wide range of skill riders to enjoy sporty cornering. Because I have a high level of running, I feel luxurious, I thought I would like it if I strengthened the rear shock damping (especially elongation) a bit more.

In sports performance including speed, this CBR250RR has left one head. It was the manufacturer's claim and the driving performance as the previous reputation. It is directly linked to the pleasures of running, but the attraction of motorcycles is not only that it's interesting.

There are now various models from various companies. Besides being side by side, price differences and personality have become clear. Which, above or below, is not a good bad but a parallel world that has a different charm. While experiencing Honda's rewinding, I realized the interesting thing that this category has matured.

Specifications :
  • Total Length x Width x Total Height: 2,065 x 725 x 1,095 mm
  • Wheel Base: 1,390 mm, Minimum Ground Height: 145 mm
  • Seat Height: 790 mm, Vehicle Weight: 165 <167> kg
  • Type: water cooled 4 stroke in-line 2 cylinder DOHC 4 valve
  • Total displacement: 249 cm 3, bore × stroke: 62.0 × 41.3 mm
  • Compression ratio: 11.5, maximum output: 28 kw (38 PS) / 12, 500 rpm
  • maximum torque: 23 N · m Kgf · m) / 11,000 rpm
  • Fuel supply device: Electronically controlled fuel injection device (PGM - FI)
  • Starting method: Self type
  • Ignition type: Transistor type battery ignition
  • Fuel tank capacity: 14 L
  • Clutch type: Spring
  • Transmission type: constant meshing type 6 speed return
  • Frame type: Diamond, Caster: 24.30°, Trail: 92 mm
  • Brake (front × rear): Hydraulic single disc × Hydraulic single disc
  • Tire (front × back): 110 / 70 R 17 M / C 54 H × 140/70 R 17 M / C 66 H
  • Suspension system (front × back): Telescopic type (inverted type) × Swing arm type (Pro link)


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